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Innovative Odour Elimination Technology for Wastewater Plants

Silicon Valley has long been the birthplace of many of the technologies we use today, so it only seemed fitting that a wastewater treatment plant in the area tapped into the power of technology to tackle an age-old problem in wastewater management: odour. The Silicon Valley Clean Water treatment plant needed an odour elimination technology. […]

Improving Wastewater Treatment Using Wastewater Ultrasound Technology

Wastewater treatment has used a wide range of technologies through the years to streamline its process of converting sewage into biosolids and clean water. One novel approach that is being utilized lately is with the use of wastewater ultrasound technology. These high intensity sound waves are applied to sewage to promote hydrolysis during sludge treatment. […]

De-Clogging Sludge Debris in Wastewater Plants

One of the main fixtures of any water treatment facility are progressive cavity (PC) pumps or screw pumps. These are important for propelling sewage sludge from the source and transporting it to the plant for treatment. It is useful for transporting viscous and abrasive fluids, making it ideal for thickened liquids like waste activated sludge. […]

Using Biosolids to Reclaim an Alberta Coal Mine

The City of Edmonton is embarking on an ambitious project to rehabilitate the landscape around an Alberta coal mine and turn it into thriving field of willows using biosolids. The Paintearth is an Alberta coal mine is near the village of Forestburg which is located 180 kilometres southeast of Edmonton. This is where they plan […]

Biosolids Help Increase Nitrogen Bioavailability in Urban Soils

As the human population continues to grow, so has its effect on climate change. The impact of this increased human activity on urban soils has become the focus of researchers to determine if urban soils can be utilised for sustainable plant growth that can alleviate some of the effects of climate change. Researchers are studying […]

Turning Biosolids Into Green Household Cleaners

The last thing you would ever think of when using green household cleaners is that they came from biosolids. But that is exactly what one US company is trying to accomplish. The company is Renew Technologies, Ltd. which manufactures CYCLE, the world’s first recycled household cleaners. Its founder, Sunny Bhasin, believes however, that more can […]

City in Washington Recognizes Long-Term Benefits of Biosolids

The benefits of biosolids to the agricultural industry has long been known and appreciated by farmers for many years. It has several advantages over traditional fertilizers and has a significant impact on saving the environment. King County in Washington is aware of the benefits of biosolids as fertilizers and has been applying biosolids on their […]

Vancouver’s Dog Waste Removal and Recycling Program

People love their dogs, and they love nothing more than to play with them outdoors in parks and other public spaces. Unfortunately, this poses a problem with dog waste removal. The City of Vancouver is exploring a new idea of dog waste removal and then processing these waste materials into more useful products. Dog feces […]

Phosphorus Recovery from Sewage Water

In the midwestern part of the U.S., farms produce a third of the world’s corn and soybean supply annually. Large agricultural fields like these require a huge volume of fertilizer to keep their crops healthy. Biosolids Fertilizer that is recovered from sewage water is composed of nitrogen and phosphorus that plants need to grow. The […]

College in Alberta Use Biosolids Biochar to Grow Crops

Creating biosolids biochar has been one of the main areas of study by researchers because of its potential as a medium for growing crops. Yet, there has been no deep analysis into how to feasibly produce biochar in sufficient quantities and quality to make it a viable and sustainable amendment. Nick Savidov, a researcher from […]

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