Canada Commits to Eliminating Plastic Waste by 2030

Eliminating plastic waste is a major challenge for Canada. Plastic waste is one of the most difficult pollutants to manage because of its widespread use. In Canada, there is an estimated 3 million tonnes of plastic waste produced every year, of which only 9 percent is recycled. This means that a large part of this […]

Studies Show Hormones Can Affect Water Quality from Sewage Treatment Plants

There are many ways our wastewater quality can affect us negatively if we do not treat it properly. In some cases, what we flush down the toilet may come back to us in other ways. A recent study suggested that human hormones found in wastewater from sewage treatment plants may have profound effects on aquatic […]

Innovative Water Treatment Methods in Beer Production for a More Sustainable Future

If there is one thing that you would never associate with each other, it would be wastewater and beer. Yet, researchers from Canada and Australia have endeavoured to make that connection, all in the hopes of using innovative water treatment in crafting beer that can potentially save our planet. Village Brewery from Alberta, Canada, introduced […]

Electricity to Improve the Sludge Treatment Process

Electricity has been an integral part of everyday life. It has been used to power everything from our lights at home to even our cars. The one place electricity has yet to commonly applied to is in sludge treatment. But a couple of studies are already being conducted to examine its potential. Researchers led by […]

Plastic Discs Allow for Cheaper Wastewater Sewage Treatment

The use of microorganisms in wastewater sewage treatment is nothing new. They have been used for the recovery of nutrients, production of energy and the removal of pollutants and pathogens. This has made it an integral part of the wastewater sewage treatment process. Although their effectiveness has been proven, the kinds of microbes and how […]

Smart Wastewater Networks: Preparing for 5G Technology

Storm surges and flash flooding continue to threaten the overflow of wastewater in many cities around the world and it has been a challenge to monitor wastewater levels in real time to be able to provide a timely response. What if we can build smart wastewater networks to prevent these problems? In the UK, a […]

Calgary To Produce Sustainable Commercial Biofuels from Wastewater

Of all the useful things that can be drawn from wastewater processing, the production of renewable energy is the most promising because of its wide application. The reliance on fossil fuels has been a major concern for many countries around the world because of its effect on our climate. Biofuels from wastewater can be a […]

A Review of Wastewater Treatment Innovations

Throughout history, human waste disposal has been an issue for communities. As population grows, the problem becomes even more challenging. We look into wastewater treatment innovations and technologies that help address this problem. The US EPA reported that around 34 billion gallons of wastewater passes through treatment plants across the nation. Wastewater contains a lot […]

Wastewater Treatment Using Solar Power

There have been several studies that have investigated making wastewater treatment more efficient and environment friendly. The latest endeavor is using solar power. This comes from a team of researchers from Linköping University in Sweden that have explored the potential to purify wastewater and desalinate seawater using the solar power. The researchers are able to […]

Developing an Affordable Wastewater Treatment System

Proper disposal of human waste, particularly in developing countries, has always been a challenge for researchers because of the inadequacies in infrastructure and funding for treatment on a large scale. In 2011, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation began the “Reinvent the Toilet” initiative that sought to fund innovations in affordable wastewater treatment to allow […]

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