Innovative Water Treatment Methods in Beer Production for a More Sustainable Future

If there is one thing that you would never associate with each other, it would be wastewater and beer. Yet, researchers from Canada and Australia have endeavoured to make that connection, all in the hopes of using innovative water treatment in crafting beer that can potentially save our planet. Village Brewery from Alberta, Canada, introduced […]

A Review of Wastewater Treatment Innovations

Throughout history, human waste disposal has been an issue for communities. As population grows, the problem becomes even more challenging. We look into wastewater treatment innovations and technologies that help address this problem. The US EPA reported that around 34 billion gallons of wastewater passes through treatment plants across the nation. Wastewater contains a lot […]

Wastewater Treatment Using Solar Power

There have been several studies that have investigated making wastewater treatment more efficient and environment friendly. The latest endeavor is using solar power. This comes from a team of researchers from Linköping University in Sweden that have explored the potential to purify wastewater and desalinate seawater using the solar power. The researchers are able to […]

Developing an Affordable Wastewater Treatment System

Proper disposal of human waste, particularly in developing countries, has always been a challenge for researchers because of the inadequacies in infrastructure and funding for treatment on a large scale. In 2011, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation began the “Reinvent the Toilet” initiative that sought to fund innovations in affordable wastewater treatment to allow […]

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