Study Proves Nutrient Runoff from Inorganic Fertilizers are Far Worse than Biosolids

Biosolids and inorganic fertilizers have both been a boon for the agricultural industry because they are able to bump up crop output and increase food production. But nutrient runoff from farmlands treated with fertilizers can have a devastating effect on surface water in nearby areas because of the risk of algal blooms. Researchers from the […]

Australia Turns Biosolids Into Renewable Energy

As an old saying goes, “One man’s garbage is another man’s gold.” This couldn’t be truer in the case of biosolids. For years, biosolids, a byproduct of the treatment of wastewater, has been processed into fertilizers that provide nutrient rich material that invigorates croplands and fields. Now, a new process is being developed in Australia […]

Triclosan in Biosolids Not a Threat to Agricultural Farmlands

Triclosan is often used in personal and household cleaning products to improve their efficacy in controlling and eliminating bacteria. This has resulted in the chemical compound finding its way into municipal wastewater. If the removal of triclosan from wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) is incomplete it may spread into biosolids that are being used as fertilizers. […]

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