For municipalities focused on biosolids management as a core element of their waste water management strategies, Thomas Nutrient Solutions is an experienced partner that can provide cost-effective, full-service Non-Agricultural Source Material (NASM) management solutions.

We offer a range of transportation and biosolids management services that have been specially designed to help municipalities remove, transport and dispose of biosolids residuals from municipal treatment plants. From there, our experienced nutrients management team works to further refine, treat, and apply the nutrients where they do the most environmental good.

Our nutrient management team has extensive experience in the waste water treatment and biosolids industries, and comprehensive knowledge of the municipal waste water and nutrient application challenges facing the Region of Niagara.[/one-half][one-half last]

We have invested in a fleet of tankers, tractors, spreaders, and transportation equipment to provide every aspect of NASM Management services. As long-time Niagara residents, our team is driven to help Niagara’s municipalities execute their waste management strategies so that every one of their environmental management and sustainability goals can be successfully achieved.

Ultimately, we are committed to becoming an integral part of the solution to even the toughest waste management and sustainability challenges facing the Region of Niagara.


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